A report was quietly published by the UK Government revealing that 94% of all Covid-19 deaths were amongst the vaccinated.
The World Economic Forum's Klaus Schwab admits in his book (COVID-19:The Great Reset) that the flight delays are all part of the plan to introduce us…
The founder and biggest promoter of the cryptocurrency Epic Cash asked me to duke it out on YouTube. I agreed. And this is what happened...
Today I announced that I'm back to doing daily(ish) shows again.
Yes... I agree with Steve that vaxxines maim and kill lots of people, but his ties to BIG pHARMa is troubling.
The Pritzker family is the biggest funder of LGBT propaganda... it's time to make them famous!
Doctors have a big conflict of interest... if we're healthy, we don't need them (and they don't get paid).
We men have been accused of acting like pigs - we respond.
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